"I want Each guest to feel like this retreat was created just for them..."

The team behind NTSQ Velo are cyclists and leaders in event creation. We are dedicated to the mission that each guest leaves our retreats feeling like it was created just for them.  

Some of my fondest memories have been created on two wheels.

NTSQ Velo - Premium Cycling Retreats, was born from the desire to explore the world by bike. For me, cycling is still the ultimate expression of freedom. 

I want to share that journey with as many people as possible. Allowing them to experience the joy of riding their bikes in stunning locations, staying at the finest hotels and dining with some of the world’s most talented chefs. 

Our purpose is to create the conditions for our guests to experience moments where they wish time would slow; to be able to savor that exact instant, for a little longer. 

I’ll meet you on the road.

Cycling is an incredible sport that mirrors my career as a Chef very well: It takes strength, stamina, endurance, mental willpower, and fighting spirit to want to win and get to the top. 

My dream as a little boy was to be first English person to win the Tour de France. To win, you need your team and you can’t take a day off.  Our goal with NTSQ Velo Premium Cycling Retreats is to ensure that each guest feels like they are the focus of the entire experience.  They are the team leader, they are the star! 

Every detail is taken care of throughout your time with us. Just like winning the Tour, serving the world's elite diners or producing the best cycling retreats in the world; it focus, and the end result is a life-changing, unforgettable moments.  

Don't forget to ask me about my time/s cooking for the Queen! 

There is no greater joy in life than seeing someone have an incredible time, push themselves a little and do something they weren't sure they could do.  

My goal for each and every guest of our ours is to ensure the best Ride. Stay. Eat. experience of their lives.  Personal service is a staple of NTSQ Velo Premium Cycling Retreats, I'm here to make sure every detail is catered to and taken care of.

Service with a smile, guaranteed.  

"Staying in the same bed every night. Not having to travel with my bike. The ridiculously good food. Great distance and rides that you could push on some sections but not a total grind. The attention to details from food at the airport pickup to an assortment of ride fuel etc. was outstanding."